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Dog Trainer


 To me, dogs are family. I was not just raised by a family who loves dogs, but rather one that learned how to respect, understand and communicate with them. My father Tom Shelby was a professional dog trainer for over 25 years, volunteered for Search and Rescue groups, joined the Sheriffs dept. for the K-9 unit, been on TV and written 2 books (Michelle and Me / Dog Training Diaries) on dog training. He always joked that he had been a better parent from dog training. So, I was raised training more then just our dogs but hundreds of dogs of all different breeds, ages, temperament and issues. Dog was a language I learned quickly and happily throughout my entire life. So when my father retired and I took over the family business. Over 15yrs later I continue to relay my expertise to humans and dogs alike. 

When I went to college, my parents told me to get a skill. I studied to become a Spanish teacher. It was here that I learned how to teach the human breed. Now I have over 12 years of experience on teaching others how to understand and use another language. And lets face it, dog training has a lot to do with getting you, the owners, to know how to understand and Speak Dog.  Because In the end, it’s not just about what I can do with your dog, but what I can get you to understand and do with your dog. 

Dogs are like our children, they are all a little different. I am the same breed as my two sisters but I guarantee you that we are all different individuals. It is because of this that I do not follow some cookie cutter routine but rather diversify my style and approach based on the dog and owners needs. We figure out what is best for everyone involved. One way I have done so is through experience and working with other trainers from around the country. I spent time working with 5 trainers based in and around Seattle, Wa. and I have spent some time working with arguably one of the top dog trainers in the nation, Brian Kilcommons. It is from them, that I have been able to learn many different concepts and diversify my techniques to become as successful as I am today.

  Together we will teach your dog what we is expected and desired from them so they can become what I would consider a "well trained dog". To me, "A well trained dog" is a well behaved member of the family and of society".

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