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Helping You Help Your Pet

I like to call myself a "Depends" trainer, because my style always depends. Every dog is different like every person so we treat them accordingly. Through a variety of means, we can help you to better understand your dog of any age and in turn get them to better understand you. This way you can teach them what you want rather than fight what you don't want. Creating the happy relationship both of you have always wanted.



Most of the time spent between yourself and your dog is in your home. Why go to another place to learn how to train your dog when most of the issues tend to occur your house. Here we can accomplish our goals by teaching your dog(s) what we want in everyday situations.


Online Lessons

Here I can give you all of the advice desired and needed for learning how to better understand and communicate with you dog within the confines of your home. All while getting in the moment advice as you actively work with your dog.

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4 smiling dogs, happy to work. Waiting p


Life is busy these days and it can be tough to put in the time needed to get what you desire. Dogs like children need consistent and persistent direction particularly in the beginning. Here they will receive not just a place to sleep but continual guidance and plenty of individual attention in a home setting. They will feel like they are on an educational vacation learning and playing at the same time. Returning to you happy and eager to be a polite member of the family and of society.

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