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For most of their life, the dog has been your baby. Then one day, this little thing appears and starts taking all of your attention away. So, the dogs starts acting out, because negative attention is better then no attention. They even might start going after your child.
You want to reinforce sibling harmony rather then sibling rivalry. Include your 4 legged baby to become a part of the daily routine with your new 2 legged baby. When you are changing the diaper, have your dog do some basic commands or let treats fall from the baby's feet. Let feeding time become everyones feeding time as a pack.


Do you have a Labrador jumping bean? Does your over excited puppy continually jump on your kids, guests and even yourself. One way to start resolving this problem is to communicate with them in a way that they can understand. When they jump and invade your personal space step in and invade theirs. No using knees or kicking, just step into them until they get off. State a simple "thanks" and then go back to what you were doing before. Remember not to show attention while they jump or right after you get them off, otherwise that will reward the jumping. Remember, they want attention and if you respond to negative attention, then that is what they will give you.


Dogs do not naturally walk attached to each other, nor do they walk side by side. That is a human behavior. Instead of trying to force them to walk next to us, holding them in place or letting them drag us up the street, it would be best to get them to want to walk next to us. Dogs like people have a natural thing called "opposition reflex". We will both resist pressure on leash. Humans tend to subconsciously prefer to maintain pressure on the leash to maintain "control". When you restrain a dog or hold them tightly next to you, they are not learning what you want, but rather feel tension and pressure in that location. For the dog to learn, you will wish to reward them to want to want to be in the correct position. Treat them when they are next to you. Dogs live in the moment, if you make it more comfortable and rewarding to be next to you, they will choose to be there all of the time. You then, won't have to stop them from pulling.

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