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How to Beat The Heat

The heat is here and it has come hard. Know what to do and what to look for this summer to ensure that you and your dog stay safe.

Summer is here and I love spending as much time outside as possible for a number of reasons. And my dog "Foster" probably loves being outside even more then I do, which is a tall order. But on a day like today where it is 95 degree F. with 80% humidity there are a number of precautions I like to take to ensure everyone's safety.

I would start by minimizing outdoor exposure and direct sunlight on hot days as well as keeping physical activities down to a minimum. If you are outside for an extended period of time a pool, pond, lake or any other type of consistent and cool water source that your dog can enjoy and use to cool down is optimal.

Here are some things to know and pay attention to during this summer:

  • Ensure that you and your furry one has access to clean consumable water and plenty of shade.

  • Despite what many belief as helping, shaving a dog in the summer may actually be counter productive. Their fur works in both ways to keep in heat as well as to keep it out. Plus, we don't want them to get a sunburn.

  • The symptoms of overheating in pets, excessive panting or difficulty breathing, drooling, slower moving, fainting, seizures, blood and loose feces or even vomiting.

  • Dogs that are Brachycephalic or have a short snout, like Pugs are more susceptible to heat stroke since they cannot pant as well.

  • Don't leave anyone or anything in a parked care during the summer heat unless the car is running and the A/C is working. Check on the car every few minutes to ensure that the car is cool.

  • Keep time on cement or asphalt to a minimum. Asphalt can reach temperatures of over 140 degrees and this can seriously harm your dogs paws and pads as well as quickly overheat the dog. When walking my dog or working outside with someones dog, I step on the pavement with my bare feet or my hand and if it's too hot for me in a few seconds, I will keep my dogs off of it.

I hope this all helps. Enjoy the summer but do so intelligently!!

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