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Your Dog and Your Pool

It's cool to chill in the pool with your pup but what should you know before giving your dog free access to your playful pool.

Who doesn't love hanging by the pool on a hot summer day and since your pup is part of your family as well, why not let them join in the fun. Here are a few things to think about and do before granting your dog full access to your pool for safety sake.

  • Make sure your dog knows where all exits from the pool are and how to get out so if they ever go in, they know how to get out on their own. Introduce them into the steps and guide them out from the shallows. Continue the process until they prove to you that they understand and can exit the pool on their own. Don't trust them alone in the pool until they prove themselves.

  • Read and know what chemicals are used in your pool to keep it clean. Good chance your dog will drink the water. Try to minimize the dog's drinking of the pool water as much as possible.

  • Have regular clean water out for your dog to drink by the pool. Swimming is still exercise, so they will be thirsty and we want to make sure they have access to fresh water rather then just pool water.

  • Slow your dog down if they have been swimming and running for a while. They may overexert themselves and not know it.

Give your dogs supervised access to the pool but otherwise enjoy and fun in the sun.

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