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How to Speak Dog: Beyond "Sit" and "Down"

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Similar to raising a child, it's about establishing a connection so that you can give them proper direction. When the dog knows what you want them to do and you make it routine, the 4-legger will do that all day without you having to correct them. It is easier to teach what you desire, rather then fighting what you don't desire. Reward your dog for sitting and laying down by petting them and showing them attention. Put your pup in situations where they can not get away with causing any problems.

Below, is a 2 month goldendoodle. Instead of "Commanding" her I would happily pronounce her name and would reward her response with praise, treats, toys or pets. Once she would respond and come to me, I then only reward her when she sat. I made it a point to do this for no longer then 2 minute playful sessions, multiple times a day and in different locations in and out of the house. This video below was taken at the Vet's office. This way she can love the Vet as well as "working". Take a look at the smile she gets from hearing her name. Through this, I have established a "come", automatic "sit" (therefore, no jumping), "Name Recognition" and positive vibes at the Vet's office. All with a smile :)

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